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“Mika is an extraordinarily talented art director, content producer and connector … Her creativity and drive helped us to create a very special outcome that was beyond our wildest expectations.” 

Jacqueline Emery, CEO

Royal Far West

About Mika

Mika Nishimura is a skilled storyteller and cultural interpreter who is passionate about innovation, arts and education.


Born and raised in Kyoto, a city renowned for its rich artistic culture, Mika grew up with a keen appreciation of traditional Japanese crafts such as the yuzen-zome kimono textiles her grandfather made.


Study in Britain and Australia introduced her to other artistic traditions. She began her film-making career by producing and directing an award-winning documentary about the contemporary Aboriginal artist Lin Onus and many arts programs for SBS TV.


Mika specialises in working with artists and craftspeople to build cross-cultural understanding. She has especially strong links with Australian Indigenous artists and traditional Japanese practitioners, but a hallmark of her work is her ability to find and work with the right people to represent any cultural tradition with integrity and distinction. 
























Access to both traditional craftspeople and contemporary designers in Japan.

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